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Raino Wall Putty

Raino Wall Putty

Raino Wall Putty

Raino Wall putty is a white cement-based powder made of polymer and other minerals that make the wall look smoother. It is primarily used to fill in cracks and holes in walls and prepare an even wall surface before applying paint. Using wall putty helps to provide better protection against stains, mould & cracks for your walls.

A white cement based wall putty is famously used for interior and exterior walls. It is made using special additives and fillers to multitask as a putty, sealer, and filler over plaster or concrete walls. White cement, minerals, and polymers are mixed together to form a white cement based wall putty. They come in dry form and release no unpleasant odour as you apply them on the wall.

Application Description

Step 1 : Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is thoroughly clean, dry and free from all loose dirt, chalk, grease, fungi, algae and flaking paint. This can be achieved by brushing with a wire /stiff coir brush followed by water jetting, if required. Fill up all minor cracks and defects.

Step 2 : Application process

Apply Raino Wall Putty paste from the bottom in upward direction uniformly with the help of a steel trowel/putty blade to ensure less wastage. Allow at least 3 hours drying time for the applied putty paste. After drying of the first coat rub the surface gently with the putty blade in order to remove loose particles. Apply the second coat after the first coat is fully dried or set. Preferably, leave the surface to dry overnight.

Step 3 : Drying time
Apply the second coat after the first coat is fully dried or set. Preferably, leave the surface to dry overnight.

Health & Safety

Store container in an upright position, with lid tightly closed in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children and away from food and animal feed.
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