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Ultra Climate Guard Exterior Emulsion

Ultra Climate Guard Exterior Emulsion

Ultra Climate Guard Exterior Emulsion

Rainbow Paints Ultra Climate Guard Exterior Emulsion a 100% acrylic weather proof exterior emulsion. It has great performance in outer wall with color stay formula it contains unique additives and pigments which withstand in extreme weather conditions.

Direction to Use:

  • Use emulsion paints on smooth finishing ceiling brick or plaster after inner coat.
  • Prepare the surface by ensuring it is clean and free from dust remove any previous unstable paint if any.
  • Ensure walls or ceiling surface are fully dry. In wet or damp surface best results cannot be seen.
  • Dilute it with 10% of water for best coat. use 2-3 coats of emulsion for best finishing touch.
  • Apply emulsion with a brush roller rag sponge or airbrush. It usually takes on average of 3-4 hours to dry.


  • Durability : They can stay intact for up to 7 years. When applied professionally, they don’t crack under sunlight. You can easily clean these walls of dust.
  • Emulsion added layer of protection from the elements helping to keep your home safe from weather damage insects and dust.
  • Our emulsion paints help conceal the smallest of imperfections in exterior wall even hairline crack therefore making your exterior walls flawless.
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