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Supreme Max Interior Cement Primer

Supreme Max Interior Cement Primer

Supreme Max Interior Cement Primer

Rainbow Paint's Supreme Max Acrylic Interior Cement Primer is a water thinnable primer which is especially meant for interior walls it can be applied on a wide range of plastered walls asbestos cement concrete etc as on undercoat.

Direction to use:

  • Surface preparation: Remove dust dirt grease and loose flaky paint , fungus algae by thorough wire brushing. Clean and dry.
  • Old surfaces coated with cement paint should be wire brushed and washed with water and make dry.
  • Newly plastered surfaces need to be fully dried.
  • Apply single coat and allow drying for 4-6 hours. For better finishing double coat is highly recommended.
  • Apply recommended number of overcoats above primer.

Note for thinning:

  • To be thinning with clean water to make ratio of primer: water – 1:0.2 (w/v).
  • Primer not to be over-thinned.


  • Excellent alkali resistance.
  • Resists peeling and efflorescence.
  • Strong adhesion to cement and topcoat.
  • Good coverage and obliteration.
  • Water-based and water clean up.
  • Tolerates high pH common in new cement.
  • Penetrating sealer - seals and protects the base surface.
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