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Supreme Max Distemper

Supreme Max Distemper

Supreme Max Distemper

Rainbow Paint's Supreme Max Acrylic Distemper is a 100% water-base wall paint. It is a non washable and budgeted interior wall paints. It gives walls a smooth and matt finish. Its formulation delivers a combination of good looks and durable performance.

Direction for Use:

  • Get a wire brush or pointed knife to remove the dust particles that get deposited on the surface.
  • Later take a dry cloth and wipe off the entire surface.
  • Repair the holes and cracks by applying the putty and leave them to become tight.
  • Apply primer or wall putty.
  • Dilute the paint as per the dilution ration.
  • After the application of primer apply the first coat of distemper paint with the help of brush or roller and leave it for dry for 12 to 16 hours. After the drying of the first coat of distemper paint apply the second coat and allow it to dry overnight.


  • Durability : They can stay intact for up to 3-4 years. When applied professionally, they don’t crack under sunlight. You can easily clean these walls of dust.
  • Less Complicated : Distemper paint is easily applied to surfaces with out a primer coating.
  • Visually Appealing : You can get a smooth matte finish that adds beauty to your interiors Distemper paint is available in a lot of colours.
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