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Raino Silver and Others

Raino Silver and Others

Raino Silver and Others

Raino Silver paint is a high-class product that gives a protective metallic luster o metal surfaces. You can use it to safeguard surfaces like metal grills, gates, roof, and pipes from corrosion due to its water permeable nature. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

This  metallic paint has been specially designed to give a durable and long-lasting metallic finish on a range of surfaces. Simply apply with a brush or roller and leave for 1 hour to dry - a great way to give the surfaces additional protection.

  • For use on Furniture
  • Suitable for use on Brick, metal, plaster, plastic, stone & wood surfaces

Features and benefits

  • Renovates and transforms furniture
  • A bright, opulent metallic finish
  • Can be used directly onto most surfaces, without sanding or priming
  • Can be used as a basecoat or decorative topcoat
  • Use as a basecoat Paint and lightly distress to reveal the metallic paint beneath.

We have other metallic colour ranges like: Pink, Green, golden brown( TAMA) and others shades as per order.

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