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Raino Red Oxide Powder

Raino Red Oxide Powder

Raino Red Oxide Powder

Rainbow Paint's Raino Red Oxide is a highly concentrated dry powder of the finest grade and is ideally suited for use in cement floors. It is light and alkali fast, non-toxic and inflammable and produces attractive shades. A floor made of Raino Red Oxide can withstand repeated washing with water and can be polished with any floor polishing materials and be buffed.

Raino Oxide Colour is highly suitable for flooring cement , mosaic floors, tiles, plaster works, colour wash etc. It should be mix with standard cement in the ratio of 1:4 for best results.

Salient Features:

• Raino Red Oxide  is ideally suited for flooring and they have the best mobility with cement.
• Resistance to alkali and light fastness are excellent
• It furnishes the floor with a bright, shiny and smooth surface.
• It is non toxic and non inflammable
• It exhibits permanent colour stability and resists fading.


It is highly apt for colouring of cement and mosaic floors, tiles, dadoes and plastic works colour wash.

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