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Raino Interior Cement Primer

Raino Interior Cement Primer

Raino Interior Cement Primer

Rainbow Paint's Raino Acrylic Interior Cement Primer is a water thinable primer which is especially meant for interior walls. It can be applied on a wide range of plastered walls asbestos. Cement, concrete etc as an undercoat.

Direction to use:

  • Surface preparation: remove dust, dirt, grease and loose flaky paint, fungus/algae thorough wire brushing. Clean and dry.
  • Old surfaces coated with cement paint should be wire brushed and washed with water and make dry.
  • Newly plastered surfaces need to be fully dried.
  • Apply single coat and allow drying for 4-6 hours. For better finishing, double coat is highly recommended.
  • Apply recommended number of overcoats above primer.

Note for thinning:

  • To be thinned with clean water to make ratio of primer:water-1:0.3(W/V).
  • Primer not to be over-thinned.


  • Covers imperfections such as parchments or repairs of your wall areas.
  • Blocks and dissimulates stains to prevent them from bleeding through your newer finish.
  • Provides your paint to stick on a uniform surface. (Long-lasting work of the paint = improved adhesion.)
  • Create a standard basis for a smooth application of seamless colours, so that you can do the work with fewer coats.
  • Neutralize the surface colour to ensure that the true brightest colour is visible when new paint is applied


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