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Raino Gold

Raino Gold

Raino Gold

Raino Gold is a Metallic 24k gold paint. It is a hydro soluble dispersion product based on high quality of modified acrylic polymers for interior or exterior walls. The gold particles create the distinctive look of bronze and copper of the weathered appearance of rusted iron on any paintable surfaces also creates high metallic pearl effect.\

This product perfect for hospitality, commercial / retail,residential, corporate offices, casinos, temples, mosques, churches and theme parks. The product is water-based so it is easy to use. Surface must properly primed with primer (water base/oil base).


  • Water-based pigment is used -Less harmful to human bodies and environment, and has less smell
  • Silver leaf-like lustre.
  • Can be absorbed even on the semi-waterproof materials
  • Turns water-proof after dried. Can be overglazed.
  • Can be used on steel, stones, paper, wood, and plastics.
    (Aluminum and stainless, if the foundation is formed.)
    *Not suited for some materials.
    Form the foundation layer first if uncertain or to attach better.

How to Use:

  1. Remove the dust on the surface.
  2. Thoroughly shake and mix the liquid.
  3. Dilute with water when solid.
  4. Apply with brushes or spray. 
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