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Maxell Wood/Metal Primer

Maxell Wood/Metal Primer

Maxell Wood/Metal Primer

Rainbow paints MAXELL Wood or Metal primer is specially formulated to protect wood or metal inner surface. It has excellent sealing and filling properties which protects wood or metal from swelling or rusting due to absorption of moisture.

Direction of Use:

  • Ensure that the surface to be painted is free from moisture, loose matter, oil, greese and rust.
  • Degreasing and derusting can be done by a suitable treatment.
  • Apply by brushing or spraying after adjusting the viscosity using recommended tinner.
  • For best result allpw the primer coat to dry for 6 hrs.
  • Thin MAXELL. Enamel whit turpentine oil.
  • Apply a coat with an interval of 8 hours between successive coats.


  • Wall
  • Mattel
  • Wood


  • Cover imperfections such as water stains on the wood cabinets, cigarette smoke, or irregularities that would show through the new color.
  • Acts as a layer between the surface and the actual color.
  • Acts as a gratification for the painting – a process that will encourage paint adhesion. The primer is not the final color of the surfaces you have to paint. As surprising as it might seem, it is not a protective layer either.
  • Preps the surfaces that can’t handle new paint well. When you try to apply new paint directly on some surfaces, it may start to bleed or creep into the porous crevices. Such surfaces include:
  1. Bare wood and walls of a porous nature
  2. Metals with no coating
  3. Masonry
  4. Raw wood
  5. Drywall


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