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Maxell Aluminum Paints

Maxell Aluminum Paints

Maxell Aluminum Paints

Maxell Aluminium Paint is high-class product that gives a protective metallic luster o metal surfaces. You can use it to safeguard surfaces like metal grills, gates, roof, and pipes from corrosion due to its water permeable nature. It is paints where Paste and Medium packed separately in this composition container when thoroughly mixed will yield paints of outstanding quality. Aluminium Paint can be obtained in various packs and is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Direction for Use:

  1. Clean the surface of loose paint, dust, and grease. Wipe clean using turpentine and allow to dry.
  2. Sand the surface with abrasive paper grit no. 180 and wipe clean. Using Maxell Metal/Wood Primer, depending on the substrate, to prime the surface.
  3. Fill dents and imperfections.
  4. Apply 2 coats of Maxell Aluminium Paint by brush/spray allowing 6-8 hours of drying time betwwen coats.


  • It is rustproof
  • It gives superb protection
  • It can be applied by brush or spray
  • It is highly reflective
  • It improves lighting efficiency
  • It is very economical
  • It can be applied while factories are in operatioin because it has no loose flying powder.


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