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Home Proof Admixture

Home Proof Admixture

Home Proof Admixture

Home Proof helps to improve the properties of concrete in construction with special requirements. Chemical admixtures made by Rainbow Paints named "Home Proof" can provide a number of beneficial effects on the handling of consolidation of fresh concrete as well as on the performance of both hardened and fresh concrete. To be able to successfully achieve the desired results and in order to avoid unnecessary instances, there are some precautions to be taken into consideration.

Importance of Home Proof:

  • Improved workability without increasing water content or decrease water content at the same workability level.
  • Accelerated time of initial setting.
  • Decreases of prevent settlement.
  • Modify the rate or capacity for bleeding.
  • Reduce segregation.
  • Enhance pumpability.
  • Decrease the rate of slump loss.
  • Increase bond of concrete to steel reinforcement.
  • Increase bond between existing and new concrete.
  • Improve impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Inhibit corrosion of embedded metal.
  • Produce colored concrete or mortar
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